Turn Your Website Clicks Into Cash!

...if Google can do it, so can YOU

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GroupAd Pays You For Your Website Clicks.

Get Paid For Your Clicks

Use the slider below to see how much money you could make by connecting your website to the Groupad network.

Clicks Are Costly

Buying clicks is expensive and most clicks just leave your website...without coming back.

Most Website Visitors...Are Lost Opportunities

The Cost of a Lost Click

The average Google Ads cost per click, on the search network, was $2.41 in 2019.

Tyson Quick, Instapage 2019

How It Works

Groupad creates value for your website cookies, by grouping lots of websites together in-order to sell those cookies...just like the big guys!

Too Small To Matter

Most small websites don't have enough cookies and therefore cannot sell them on their own.

More Is Better

Groupad bundles together the cookies from 1,000's of small websites and sells those bundles to the Advertising Networks.

Small Things Add Up

The revenue from the cookie sales comes back to you.


What do I need to do?

You place a small piece of code onto your website, similar to Google Analytics. We can help you to do that or you can do it yourself.

How do I get paid?

Once the cookies are sold, we allocate the cash to your GroupAd account and you can then withdraw the funds to your bank account.

Why is no one else doing this?

The big guys have been doing this for years...but the small guys haven't been able to until now!

What about privacy?

We do not collect personal identifiable information and we manage the legal notifications for you.

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